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Pay Off Your Mortgage FAST!

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What if You Can Pay Off Your Mortgage Quickly
in about 1/3rd of the time without changing your current monthly payment or cash flow position

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includes a FREE, no obligation profile analysis of your current mortgage payoff position

what are the benefits
Early Payoff Means Big Savings:
by paying off your mortgage early, you can save a lot of money by not having to pay all that interest to the banks — see sample below

Mortgage Loan Rate Term
$300,000 6.00% 360 Months
Monthly Payment: $1,798.65
Total Interest Paid by Term End: $347,514
Interest Paid with 10-11yr Payoff: $117,000
Interest Savings (approximately): $230,514

Early Payoff Means Better Security:

if anything should happen to your job, health, or other unplanned event, having your mortgage free and clear can prepare you for an unexpected financial emergency

Early Payoff Means Better Planning:

what could you do with the extra money by not having a mortgage payment — how about saving for college, saving for retirement, taking some travel, etc.

Information Available: quick 5-10 Min demo

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