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Increasing Your Income

Tips on how to increase your income and bring in more cash for the
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Increasing Income Tips:

Strengthen Your Career

You can Increase Your Income
by Changing or Building Up Your Career

What You Need to Know

Building your career is one of the surest ways to increase income.

Finding the right-paying career that fits your life-style may require a change of jobs, further education, and most importantly, networking with individuals in the field.

Important Note: don't assume that high-paying careers will bring you a better life style. Some career opportunities that pay well may not fit your overall career satisfaction.


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It is important that you complete a personal assessment to assess your career appitude.

Getting yourself in the right career is more important than pursuing a career solely based on income and advancement.

As you know, the demand for certain careers change over time. Finding a career that matches your skills set will require an economic assessment, company search, resume preparation, interview, and career networking.

Our Career Planning Center can help you complete these tasks

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Increasing Income Tips:

Acquire New Skills - Education

You Can Increase Income by Furthering Your Education

What You Need to Know

Higher education means higher salaries and benefits
additionally, continued development in technology and skills means more marketable career opportunities that translate into higher salaries and benefits.

Whether you are a high school student going to college the first time, the graduate looking for a professional degree, or a career professional that needs to enhance their skills, there are varied education opportunties for:


Start Your Education Search and Planning

Now it times to begin your educational search. Select your level of educational development:

link to our search directory for collegiate programs

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Increasing Income Tips:

Buy An Established Business

You Can Increase Your Income by Buying a Small Business or Franchise

What You Need to Know

There are approximately 1-in-5 small businesses that change ownership each year.

Many of these businesses are profitable and ready for new expansion ideas. With a percentage down investment, you can find yourself owning and managing an income opportunity.


Your challenge is finding the right business opportunity that fits your needs and financial objectives.

Your best search is contacting a business broker who is a member of the nation's largest Business Brokerage Network.


Let's start by jumping over to our affiliated site at:

You will find valuable information about the business buying process and a list of business sale opportunities.

If the current list does not have what you are looking for, please make an initial contact. We have access to a nationwide network of buy-sell opportunities from around your region.


About Us

NACBB is a business brokerage and consulting network. We operate in the mid-Atlantic region with access to a network of 450+ brokers coast-to-coast.

More informaiton available:

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Increasing Income Tips:

Start a Home Business

You Can Increase Your Income by Starting a Full or Part-time Home Business

Some facts about starting a home business

According to Newsweek Magazine, "It is anticipated that by the year 2005, 50% of households in the U.S. alone will be involved in [their own] business."

Why start a home business? Job security is one reason. According to the American Banking Association,

"The large majority of American are 3 to 4 months away from bankruptcy. Many are 30 days away."

Question for you: if you lost your job, what source of income would you turn to?


Starting a home business has many advantages

You have Time Freedom

You determine Your Own Paycheck ... no income limitations

You determine Your Own Hours ... no layoffs and no downsizing.

Of course, it it were that easy, everyone would be quitting their current jobs to start a home business.

True, you do gain Time Freedom, Your Own Paycheck and set Your Own Hours. But like any success story, you will need to work hard for these achievements.

Link to our Home Business Center for Ideas


Ingredients to Succeed at Your Home Business

To succeed at any home business, you will need to follow these four basic rules:

  1. First, you need to find and believe in the product and/or service that you are marketing: more information at our home business center

  2. Be prepared to make an initial investment to jump-start your home business: more information at our home business center

  3. Make a commitment to succeed through goal setting, motivation, and discipline: more information at our home business center

  4. Finally, develop the skill set to market and sell your home business: more information at our home business center

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