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Use Pre-Paid Cards for the Family

Your children can use pre-paid
credit cards instead of cash
to learn money management skills:

  • budget their monthly spending amounts
  • avoid interest rate charges
  • avoid getting into credit and debt problems
  • manage the
    account online
  • start building up your child's credit history
  • use where credit cards are accepted


Parent gets a prepaid card for their child (approval guaranteed). Parent adds monthly spending money to the card.
Child uses card
to buy food, clothes, supplies, pizza, etc., at any merchant that accepts MC/VISA cards.
Parent can monitor pre-paid account electronically
for budgeting purposes.
Child or parent can reload the card with additional monthly spending funds as needed.
Using pre-paid credit cards helps your child learn money skills that protects them from future credit card debt.
Students can use
pre-paid cards to build a credit history for future credit approval on college loans, employment,
home mortgages, etc.


Money Card for Family Children:

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