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family budgeting worksheet  
Use this budgeting worksheet to enter your estimated monthly spend for the items listed. The Worksheet will give you an analysis of your budgeting spend with tips to help reduce expenses. You can download FREE paper and desktop spreadsheets to build a personal budget.
Budgeting Topics Below Other Budgeting Topics
Family Income About Budget Management
Housing Expenses Develop Spending Plan
Transportation Expenses  
Family Care Expenses
Family Living Expenses
Family Recreation    
Debt / Legal Obligations    
Savings Budget Summary Analysis
Offline Budgeting Worksheets Other Calculations
Spreadsheets: Download Budgeting Worksheet View Debt Consolidation Worksheet
Paper Form: Download This Budgeting Plan View Debt-to-Income Ratio
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Monthly Family Income (before taxes)  
budget index
calc summary
Employment 1 Employment 2 Employment 3
Social Security Alimony Govt. Support
Investments Savings Other Income
        (Total Taxes)
  Total Net Family Income
view tips: helping you improve your income

Monthly Housing Expenses  
budget index
calc summary
Monthly Mortgage Payment
(include payment for taxes and insurance)
Monthly Rent
Heating Costs Telephone Electricity
Cable/Dish Gas/Propane Internet
Water/Sewage Repair Costs Trash Removal
Hm Improve Maintenance Other
  Total Housing Expenses
view tips: suggestions on lowering your housing expenses

Monthly Transportation Expenses
budget index
calc summary
Auto Loan 1 Auto Loan 2 Auto Loan 3
Auto Insurance Gas/Oil Maintenance
Taxes Licensing Parking
Public Transport Tolls Other
  Total Transportation Expense
view tips: suggestions on lowering your transportation costs

Monthly Family Care
budget index
calc summary
Health Insur Disability Insur Life Insurance
Other Insurance Doctor Visits Dentist Visits
Eye Care Veterinarian Prescriptions
OTC Medications Child Care Elder Care
Health Clubs Other Dues Other Care
  Total Family Care
view tips: suggestions on lowering your family care expenses

Monthly Living Expenses
budget index
calc summary
Essential Groceries Non-Essential Groceries Home Living Supplies
Vender Snacks, Coffee, Donuts Work/School- related lunches Pet Food
Adult Clothing Children's Clothing Work Clothes
Education Expenses House Cleaning Services Garden Care Services
Postage Other Living Expenses Other Living Expenses
  Total Living Expenses
view tips: suggestions on lowering your living expenses

Monthly Family Recreation / Entertainment
budget index
calc summary
Dining Out Movies Out Outside Entertainment
Movie Rentals Cigarettes, Beer, Wine Lottery Tickets
Casino / Other Gambling Birthdays / Anniversaries Holidays
Weekend/Day Trips Vacation Travel Other
    Total Family Entertainment
view tips: suggestions on lowering your recreation expenses

Monthly Debt Obligations
budget index
calc summary
Credit Card 1 Credit Card 2 Credit Card 3
Credit Card 4 Student Loans Home Equity
Loans 1
Loans 2
Alimony/ Child Support
Other Support Payments Liens or Judgment Other Assessed Taxes
Charity Donations Other Other
    Total Debt Obligations
view tips: suggestions on managing your debt obligations

Monthly Savings
budget index
calc summary
401K Contributions IRA Contributions Monthly Investment Dep
College Savings Retirement Savings General Savings
Financial Goal Financial Goal Financial Goal
  Total Monthly Savings
view tips: suggestions on increasing your savings contributions

Budget Summary Analysis    Calculate to Run Summary
  Amount % of Income  
Total Net Monthly Income    
Total Housing Expenses % s/b in the range of 32-35%
Total Transportation Expenses % s/b in the range of 9-12%
Total Family Care % s/b in the range of 8-19%
Total Living Expenses % s/b in the range of 27-35%
Total Recreation % s/b in the range of 4-6%
Total Obligations % s/b in the range of 18-28%
Total Savings % s/b in the range of 2-10%
Total Monthly Expenses % goal to be less than 90-98%
Total Monthly Net Income % goal to be more than 2-10%
Total Debt Obligations    
Debt-to-Income Ratio*   % s/b at or below 36%
* Based on Gross Income Above


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