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Reduce Student Loan Debt

summary review
If you are a recent graduate with mulitiple student loans, you should take advantage of the federal student loan consolidation program

why consolidate:
by consolidating your student loans, you can combine your loans into one low, repayment plan that fits your budget with no repayment penalities

Fixed Rate Plan consolidate into a fixed, rate loan
Reduce Rate take 0.25% off for automated payment
Reduce Rate take 1.0% after consecutive payments
Reduce Rate lock in the 0.6% in-grace discount
Get Your Plan get your reduction plan assembled
what are the benefits
get single billing:
if you have mulitiple student loans (meaning that you borrowed money each academic year), you will have different repayment terms and due dates. You may have multiple payments that you need to make each month.

By consolidating your student loans, you end up with one, single payment each month.

reduce payments:
you can consolidate your student loans under repayment terms that meet your budget. By extending your term to 20-30 years, you can drop your existing payment by half. That puts extra money in your pocket for those other important needs.

lock-in fixed rates:
some of your current student loans may have variable rates that can go up or down each year. You can lock-in a low, fixed rate by consolidating your student loans.

get borrower benefits:
consolidate through our program and receive borrower benefits that can reduce your payment even further

expect no penalities:
you can prepay your consolidated student loan anytime you like. There are no prepayment penalities of any kind.

expect no credit check:
no need to worry about your credit score. The federal consolidation program does not require a credit check. Almost all students qualify for the federal consolidation program.

for more information:
link to our affiliated site to consolidate your student loans. Use our quick calculator to estimate how much you can reduce your monthly payment: click here for consolidating student loans

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