Paying Off Your Mortgage FAST!

— Slide 6: Use ALOC to Make Lump-Sum Payments —

The ALOC becomes your funding source

for making lump-sum payments to reduce your mortgage loan balance:

$100,000 Mortgage
30 Year Term - 6% APR

Monthly Lump Sum Payments
7 - $5,000
Total Payments $215,838.19 $107,319.54
Total Interest Paid $115,838.19 $41,785.34
Total Principal Paid $100,000.00 $100,000.00
Total Interest Saved $74,052.85
Mortgage Payoff Time 30 Years 14 Years

The objective for making large, up-front payments is to reduce your mortgage loan balance quickly

so that more of your regular monthly mortgage payment will be used to pay down the principal.

Important Facts to Be Understood

  1. You Must Have Discretionary Income for the MMA program to work:

    if you are living from check-to-check, you will not benefit from this program. It is your excess monthly income that allows the MMA program to instruct your ALOC to to make a lump-sum payment.

    Note: you can build discretionary income by using your ALOC to consolidate credit card and other related debts: this topic will be discussed in next slides.

  2. Your ALOC will not increase over a calculated amount based on your discretionary income:

    your ALOC account will never increase above a threshold as determine by the MMA account. Once you make a lump-sum payment to reduce your mortgage, the MMA account will not instruct you to make another payment until you reduce your ALOC account using your discretionary income.

  3. The more discretionary income, the faster the payoff:

    the more discretionary income that you generate (by budgeting and savings), the faster the payoff. We have suggestions on building more discretionary income.

  4. The payments and tracking of all activity is managed by the MMA software

    the MMA software will manage your account. It will determine when and how much of a lump-sum payment you should make to reduce your mortgage loan balance.

    You can reduce your mortgage loan payments by 1/3rd or more by following the software's instructions.

    Let's move to the next section and review how the MMA software works.

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