Paying Off Your Mortgage FAST!

— Slide 2: Working with the MMA Software —

The MMA software is completely online; there is no software that you need to load to your machine.

You simply click and log-in to the secured server to view your personal profile.

The MMA software:

  • creates financial models
  • does financial planning
  • functions as an online register
  • maximizes money performance
  • takes only 10-15 minutes per month to update

Note that the web site:

  • does NOT move money
  • does NOT pay bills
  • does NOT have access to your money accounts
  • does NOT pose as a security risk since it only displays information

  • it does function as an account register
    • wants to know what money is coming in
    • wants to know what money is coming out

  • it does track your monthly budget
  • it does offer continuous customer support

The key functionality of the MMA software:

  • it functions as a dash board to give you an updated look at your financial situation as it relates to your mortgage payoff plan

    note the dashboard in your automobile. You really don't need it to drive. You could cruise down the highway by adjusting your speed based on speeds of other automobiles around you.

    But your automobile's dashboard is a valuable tool to give you a quick view of your speed, your fuel consumption, engine operations, etc.

    The MMA software works just like a dash board.

    You don't need the software to make lump-sum payments. But it functions as a valuable tool to give you an instant assessment to help pay down your mortgage quickly.

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