Paying Off Your Mortgage FAST!

— Slide 5: Do Your Really Need the MMA Software —

You don't need the software to pay-down your mortgage quickly,

But ...

the software functions as a management tool to give you a quick assessment of your mortgage position every time you log-in.

Additionally, the software

  • uses mathematical models to recommend the pay off amounts based on your cash position
  • manages your ALOC to avoid debt run-up
  • functions as a register to help you budget life expenses and wants

    we have a number of countless testimonies of homeowners who have used the program to manage their budget and pay down their mortgage.

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You don't need the ALOC to make lump-sum payments to pay down your mortgage fast

But ...

where else will you get the money to make lump-sum payments?

Your ALOC uses the Bank's money to pay down your mortgage as directed by the MMA software.

You don't need a lot of discretionary income to pay off your mortgage

But ...

the higher your discretionary income, the faster the payoff. The software helps you budget your spending by instantly showing how an unplanned expense (such as an arbitrary purchase ) can impact your mortgage position.

Something to think about!

If you paid off your mortgage in 11.3 years instead of 30, what could you do with the extra monthly income?

How About Investing Those Funds to ...

  • save for retirement
  • take a long, overdue vacation
  • save for college
  • treat yourself to something special
  • other: _________________________

    Sounds Good:
    let's move to the final section and discuss 10 steps that can make this program a success for you

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