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Using Your Home Equity for Business Startup

Use a Home Equity Line of Credit
with a 5-10 year draw period — use the line as start-up capital to get your business up and going.
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Using Your Home Equity for Business Startup:

Why Use this Product Line

for starting your business

You Know You Have the Talent . . .
plus the experience and know-how to start your own business. But you need some capital. Why not look at the equity in your home equity as a place to start?

You can use your Home Equity Line of Credit as a "Business Starter".

Use it as working capital to:

·  finance your ideas
·  acquire a new computer
·  pay for vendor services
·  maintain a positive cash flow
·  purchase important equipment
·  launch a business web site

And while you're at it:

·  renovate your home office
·  consolidate your personal bills
·  you decide: ________________

Your Home Equity Line lets you become the banker.

Simply advance yourself the capital you need . . . when you need it.

You will pay interest only on the amount you borrow, which interest cost may be fully deducted as a business expense. Consult your tax advisor for information.

Now wouldn't this be a smart way to get your business off the ground. You control the funds ... as you need ... when you need ... without the hassle of convincing the bank or others to extend you funds.

And once your business get going, use your positive cash flow to pay down the account. Just keep your equity line open as an emergency account when times get slow.

Now!, that's smart financial management.


How to Manage Business Expenses

Protect your capital spending by using pre-paid cards for retail and online purchases — see example how pre-paid cards can work for you

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Using Your Home Equity for Business Startup:

Home Equity Line Benefits


Product Benefits

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Using Your Home Equity for Business Startup:

Account Management Suggestion

suggested use

How You Might Use Your "Emercency Fund"

click to print the home equity comparison sheet to shop lenders


  1. Start with an approved home equity line
    from a lending institution.

  2. Open up a business checking account
    Additionally, we suggest that you get your personal pre-paid credit card for online and merchant purchases (best for budget control and fraud protection)

    see how the pre-paid credit card can work for business

  3. Advance working capital as you need
    from your equity line account to your business checking account and pre-paid credit card.

  4. Make notation that working capital has been received
    for your business on your book ledgers. You will also note in your ledgers:

    ·  expenses paid
    ·  interest charges
    ·  all other related business items to operate your business

    you may need an account software to maintain your records and receipts

    link to view Quicken's Ledger for small business

  5. Use your book ledgers at year-end
    to prepare tax returns for your business. You need to discuss your situation with a tax advisor to maximize benefits.

    ·  search online for CPA directory
    ·  search your local yellow page for CPAs
    ·  search your local yellow page for Tax Preparation
    Search IRS Information
    · Publication 936: Mortgage Interest Deductions
    · Publication 587: Business Use of Your Home
    · Publication 583: Starting a Business
    · Publication 334: Tax Guide for Small Business
    · Publication 533: Self-employment Tax
    · Publication 535: Business Expenses

  6. What a smart way to get yourself going on the road to success

    Apply now for your home equity
    or dial toll-free: 1-877-777-1370

Note: The recommended product, term and use are listed as illustrative purposes on how you might use the equity in your home. Please note that your circumstances may be different and that the recommended product, term and use may not fit your particular need. is not a lender. Therefore, we cannot quote rates or guarantee best terms. We refer applicants interested in getting a lending quote to Secure Rights, a licensed mortgage broker representing multiple home equity lenders.

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Home Equity Application


Current Prime Rate: 3.25%
Equity Rate Range * LTV Type
(-0.50 to 0.25%)
80% LINE
(0.25 to 1.50%)
90% LINE
(0.00 to 2.50%)
80% LOAN
(2.50 to 3.75%)
90% LOAN
* sample home equity rate ranges: see notes