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Using Your Home Equity for Home Improvement

Use a Home Equity Line of Credit
with a 10-year draw period — have the line available to pay contractors, supplies, home decor and other home improvement expenses as they occur.
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Using Your Home Equity for Home Improvement:

Why Use this Product Line

for improving your home

Let's see, you can:

·  expand your kitchen
·  upgrade your bathroom
·  landscape your yard
·  build a room in your attic
·  extend your storage area
·  put in a swimming pool
·  redecorate the family room

And while you're at it:

·  consolidate your bills
·  send your child to college
·  make a trip abroad
·  you decide: _______________

Your Home Equity Line of Credit is the right choice for your home improvement needs.

It comes with the tools to manage your project with the least cost and maximum return. Let's see how much. Simply advance yourself funds by writing a check.

You will pay interest only on the amount you borrow, which interest cost may be deducted from your taxes if you qualify. Consult your tax advisor for information — we have an effective interest table that illustrates your potential savings.

You can use your home equity line whenever you need. It's like becoming your own banker. Simply advance the funds you need ... when you need ... as you need.

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Using Your Home Equity for Home Improvement:

Home Equity Line Benefits


Product Benefits

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Using Your Home Equity for Home Improvement:

Account Management Suggestion

suggested use

How You Might Use Your "Home Renovator"

click to print the home equity comparison sheet to shop lenders

Suggestions on how to access your home equity line of credit for maximum benefit:

  1. Start with an approved home equity line of credit account

    from a lending institution (we can help find your lender)

    • view how the bank equity program can be used as your home remodeling source: view demo

  2. Transfer an advance from your equity line account

    to your pre-paid card dedicated exclusively for home improvement (best used for budget control and fraud protection)

    see how pre-paid cards can be used for remodeling

  3. Use your pre-paid cards to:

    ·  pay contractors
    ·  buy supplies
    ·  place an advance on your renovation project
    · pick up that new bedroom suite
    · use it like a money account for any other emergency; i.e., school education, debt consolidation, etc.
    · earn rebates as you shop home improvement
    · you can fund your card with your equity line account or any other deposit
    · use your card to budget your home remodeling cash expenses
    · protect yourself from accumulating too much debt

Now Where are the Benefits:

  1. You will not be restricted by the number of times
    that you can access your equity line account since one advance will be placed on your pre-paid card with unlimited credit card privileges.

  2. By using pre-paid cards, you can pay as little as $1.
    This gets around some equity line restrictions that require minimum draw amounts - plus earn valuable rebates on home improvement purchases.

  3. You can use the pre-paid card
    at participating merchants without exposing your equity line account to potential fraud and misuse.

Hey!, it looks like you have become the smart banker.

Apply now and let's search for the right lender

Note: The recommended product, term and use are listed as illustrative purposes on how you might use the equity in your home. Please note that your circumstances may be different and that the recommended product, term and use may not fit your particular need. is not a lender. Therefore, we cannot quote rates or guarantee best terms. We refer applicants interested in getting a lending quote to Secure Rights, a licensed mortgage broker representing multiple home equity lenders.

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Home Equity Application


Current Prime Rate: 3.25%
Equity Rate Range * LTV Type
(-0.50 to 0.25%)
80% LINE
(0.25 to 1.50%)
90% LINE
(0.00 to 2.50%)
80% LOAN
(2.50 to 3.75%)
90% LOAN
* sample home equity rate ranges: see notes