Paying Off Your Mortgage FAST!

— Step 10: Building a Stronger You — And Final Note

Start building a stronger you

Now that you are on the road to payoff your debts and become more financially independent, start building a stronger you:

Where To Next

First, get your FREE, no obligation profile analysis on your mortgage payoff position:

The MMA Analysis Report will review your financial position to determine how quickly you can pay off your mortgage using the MMA system.

You are under no obligation to move forward after you review your profile analysis. Register to receive your profile analysis.

If you would like to proceed, we will need to collect the following information:

  • mortgage loan position
  • debt position
  • income position
  • and other related information to get you setup on the MMA system

Have further questions

email us your questions. We will address them as promptly as we can:

email to:

  • cost is an one-time fee
  • no monthly service or other miscellaneous fees
  • cost covers the entire mortgage payoff period
  • cost includes customer support, upgrades, and other maintenance

    One-time Setup Cost for the MMA Software: $3,500
    many customers use their ALOC account to pay the one-time setup fee

    Are you thinking the cost is too high?

    Consider this:

    if the MMA program helps you pay off your mortgage within 11 years for example, the one-time fee divided by the total months in the 11-year payoff period comes to $26.50 per month.

    Ask yourself whether this amount is worth the thousands you will save by paying off your mortgage early. Get the FREE profile to see how much

Set-up Your ALOC:

You will need to setup your ALOC to function as your money manager account.


  1. download our ALOC shopping sheet
  2. review our home equity module for information
  3. link to our center to shop your ALOC among multiple lenders


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