Paying Off Your Mortgage FAST!

— Step 4: Start Using the MMA System —

Begin using the MMA System as your money account

once you have setup your ALOC account and MMA password, you can now login into the MMA system and begin using the program:

The MMA software login:

  • creates financial models
  • does financial planning
  • functions as an online register
  • maximized money performance
  • takes only 10-15 minutes per month to update
  • complete customer support and assistance

Note that the web site:

  • does NOT move money
  • does NOT pay bills
  • does NOT have access to your money accounts
  • does NOT pose as a security risk since it only displays information

Use your ALOC as your money account:

  • deposit all income:
    all income earned such as pay, cash awards, bonuses, and cash gifts should be deposited (or paid) into your ALOC

    Note: you do not need to close your existing checking account. It may continue to function as your money-in and money-out account.

    You can use your checking account to manually or automatically deposit all income. You will then use your online banking to transfer checking deposits to your home equity line account (or if you don't have online transfer capabilities, you can issue a paper or electronic check for the amount to be deposited to your ALOC).

  • pay all expenses (payments):
    you will pay all of your living expense payments from your ALOC. This includes:

    • your regular monthly mortgage payment
    • your utilities bills
    • your insurance
    • your living expenses
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