Paying Off Your Mortgage FAST!

— Step 5: Use Methods to Maximize Benefits —

Use a credit card to pay all living expenses

To receive the maximum benefits of your BLOC, use a credit card to pay for all living expenses:

  • get a 25-day grace period of no interest
  • enjoy ease of use
  • earn benefits and rebate awards
  • insure protection against lost and stolen cards

    use your card to:
  • buy groceries,
  • gas and other transportation services
  • utility services
  • insurance
  • supplies
  • entertainment
  • all other living and needed expenses

When your credit card payment comes due, use your ALOC to pay off your credit card.

That gives you 25 days of FREE money which means the average daily balance on your ALOC account will remain low for minimum interest charged this allows you to use the bank's money to run the MMA program.

earn mortgage rebates

Finding Your Card

  1. If you can budget and control your spending, use a reward credit card to build award points:

    download our article on maximizing credit card use for reward gain

  2. if you are unable to control spending because of the ease of credit cards, consider using pre-paid cards to manage spending:

    view our information on how pre-paid credit cards can control spending

Card Category:
Intro APR:
Time Period:
APR (Purch.):
Annual Fee:
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